Friday, March 27, 2009

the other Cali....COLOMBIA

Colombia Here I come!

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Going out to Cali, Colombia next month to visit my homie Yoshi from the Trust Your Struggle Crew, about two months ago, she hella just Picked up and left nyc, her stable job, and went down to Central & South America to just paint on the walls, Hella envy that. She's been getting up on a bunch of murals and linking up with different crews. Her and the Homie Pablo Serrano have been doing some dope work with some Organizations down there. From her blog it looks like she is living "THE GOOD LIFE"
Check it out at:


They Say Cali, Colombia is like the Brooklyn of Colombia, So you know I had to test that statement out. So me and fellow crew member Miguel "Bounce" Perez will be linking up with her in Cali. She has a mural project going down there for like 3 weeks. I will disclose the details of this project soon. But it's gonna be reallly dope, I plan on helping them with some web development stuff while i'm down there, and Yoshi is trying to get me to throw down on some "muraling". I really can't wait and am over-excited about it. I'm trying to be documenting the trip with a few cameras, so I will try my best to make y'all feel like your there with me!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wonway Posibul "The Push"

Check out this new track from my homie Wonway Posibul from the Bay.


As we head into South by Southwest week, I decided to give you a sneak peak from the homie/twitterellie DJ Whooligan's "40Love Mixtape" that he'll be giving away @ SXSW & the Winter Music Conference in Miami. This is a song the homie Wonway Posibul did for the mixtape called "The Push" produced by The Whooligan & featuring Thinkbeat Radio's own Dion Decibels on the rhythm scratch (& engineering too). The song was inspired by the recent situations going on with law enforcement & Wonway's own recent run in with Oakland's finest. Check it out & feel free to share or throw on your blog if you're feeling it.

Wonway Posibul "The Push"


Friday, March 13, 2009

World Youth Project

Two days a week I teach a T-Shirt design after-school program at Grand Street Academy in Bushwick/Williamsburg. Here students create their own t-shirt brand which includes branding, marketing, promotion, production and selling of their own line of t-shirts which they design. Its a dope program with a bunch of dope students who I am really trying to educate about being entrepreneurs and owning they own businesses. Which is what I think is lacking in today's education system. There is too much focus on getting our youth to work for big companies and corporations.

I always refer to this Sam Greenlee quote who made "the Spook who sat by the door". In an interview he was talking bout minorities begging for crumbs off the white man's table and he said
"We ought to be about building our own tables and baking our own bread!"
That's is quote I live by and tell all my students. We need to OWN more. If we owned more I really believe we wouldn't be affected by this recessions and pseudo depression era.

We are on our second round of designs and this past week I did a photo shoot for my students. They designed and printed t-shirts around the theme of "My World". Photos are for ads and creating a online store with all the products they produced this semester.

Check out more photos on my Flickr

Supported by Urban Arts Partnership and the Leadership Program.