Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

La Perla

So I guess this is the new video from Calle 13 which is filmed in La Perla, and for those of you who don't know La Perla, is the epicenter of HOOD in Puerto Rico. The Favela of PR. The funny thing is that its right next to the biggest tourist district in Puerto Rico, Viejo San Juan. This is where all the cruises dock, all the souvenir shops are, all the outlets, and its like the soho of Puerto Rico. I always found the dynamics of this area very interesting when growing up out there. My family would always fear mention of La Perla like it was some type of boogieman. I mean its kinda dangerous don't get me wrong, but its only dangerous when you act like your more valuable than the people who live there. Which quite essentially is like any hood in America. You see we people "of the slums" smell aristocracy like its the bad odor of spoiled milk, and we do what we can to push it away, always at the sacrifice of our human nature.

"...smell aristocracy like its the bad odor of spoiled milk.."

I remember going down there once in a car and there was like only one way to get down there in a car. You have to go thru this tunnel, and at the end of this tunnel there were all these hustlers with trays and trays of drugs and different marijuana. They just go up to your car and ask you what you want, cuz they dont know your car and they figure your only down there for one thing....drugs. It was a very interesting experience for me and I will never forget it. This sadness came over my heart cuz I couldn't comprehend how people can feel like they have no other choice. How have we as a society instilled this belief, like its a religion, on our youth and on our lower class.

So I was kinda glad to see this video and the way they show the bright side to La Perla, that people grow up here and and kids play in the streets and there is real community despite the bad "Public Relations" the area may have. Plus, Ruben Blades is in it and he is like the freaking man!