Saturday, August 1, 2009

Embassy Rehearasals

Was over at Soundclash studios the other night shooting the Embassy Emsemble rehearsal session for the show this saturday at 92YTRIBECA. I'm having a lot of fun putting together these video projects for Blitz.

Been taking on the shooting & editing role lately with a few different projects, even used the skills in my Summer School sessions, my kids put together some dope videos. I still gotta get those up to show ya'll. I guess I'm transitioning a lil bit. I'm still interested in putting together my own lil feature too. So watch out for that!

Check out this lil number, we shot this wed night and I edited it together for thursday night, Still a lil rough but we wanted to get it out to promote the show for tonight, Hope you guys can make it, its gonna be a really dope night! Plus FRESTHEIC TURNS 2 today, yea i'm a little amazed at that also. But I'm writing a whole separate special thing for that experience. Stay Tuned and let me know what you think about my editing techniques so far.